Testing The New Fanatec CSL DD Direct Drive Wheel [First Look]

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00:00 - Intro
00:53 - Context
01:33 - What is the CSL DD and Why Does It Matter?
02:58 - CSL DD Spec
05:42 - Build / Form
07:42 - Driving
13:19 - Findings

Fanatec have sent me pre-productions versions of the CSL DD Direct Drive wheel and CSL Pedals. And, since they aren't the completely finalised retail-spec models, there are a couple of caveats before we get into it. First of all, this sample of the CSL DD wheelbase doesn't have the production-specification quick release assembly, so Fanatec have asked that I only use the wheel rim that has been provided. So with that in mind, I won't be covering the quick release at all, since there's nothing useful I can say beyond the fact that the CSL DD will have one! The final caveat, and this is important - this video shouldn't be viewed as a review - it's an early access look at some cool tech that's coming out soon.

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